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Accessibility, usability, and desirability – good user experience can improve these & much more. Let’s pave the way for your digital product’s success on the market!

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Keep your users engaged with seamless UX

Captivate your users with relevant and meaningful experiences through a thoughtful design and make your product more in line with their needs. Our experienced UX team will select the matching methods and tools to fully understand your customers and give them exactly what they’re looking for!

Market & user research

To design a compelling experience, you should always start with a deep understanding of user needs, values, abilities, and limitations. Using an empathetic approach, we adopt the user’s perspective to get familiar with their problems and expectations. Then we combine this knowledge with market research, analysing the products of the competition, and researching the niches. This way, we are able to suggest solutions that make a difference.

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Exploration & Information architecture

Information architecture design is one of the fundamental tasks of the UX team. Well-designed IA can improve functionality of the app by making communication between the product and the user more effective. That means easier access to the desired information. Our team will bring your IA design to the next level, making your app behave just as users expect it to. We can help you not only with planning the structure of your product but also marking priorities and monitoring user behaviour to make the app work even better.

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Wireframing & UX writing

Wireframing allows for the organisation of the structure of a website or app before the creative phase begins. The wireframe serves as a visual guide and provides a better understanding of the structural architecture and design flow. This phase is perfect for trying out various ideas without risking any financial consequences. After the wireframe is ready, we head into UX writing. Using a simple, user-friendly language, we create content and microcopies that navigate users through the app.

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Prototyping & usability testing

Prototyping helps us see the big picture. At this stage of the project development, we test the flow of design and collect feedback. Prototyping is followed by usability testing. Using a set of tools, we analyse whether the users can navigate through your app effectively and identify the causes of possible problems. Explorative, assessable, or comparative? Moderated or unmoderated? Our team will help you adopt the most fitting method to make the best out of this process.

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months for the MVP

Our Work



BharatRohan collects unique data from agricultural farms and converts them into actionable information and reports.

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Hansa Cequity

Hansa Ceuiqty helps businesses acquire customers intelligently, retain & manage them profitably.

Web app


For Fareye, we developed a web app named Rapidos which was a intelligent logistics delivery platform for hyperlocal market.

Web & App


Cendrol caters to homemakers and enables management of construction from the comfort of homemakers home.

Web & app


Wrap2Earn is a technology-driven disruptive out-of-home (OOH) media marketplace, which connects everyday drivers with brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising.


Young Think Tank

Fun and impact-driven social learning programmes to engage youth in problem-solving for a better world.

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Web & app


HUMT-DUMT is a superfood store established in Bangalore which serves premium quality superfood to its customers.

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Web app


AGILIANCY is all about agile. Built on top of Jira, the project aims to establish efficiency in teams.



Consultancy firm from Dubai, they enable positive and sustainable change by helping businesses thrive in a fast-changing environment.


Dott Systems

DottSystem switch makes affordable automation a reality. Now operate your switchboard from anywhere with your Android smart phone.


Meat Onn

Meat onn is a food delivery app which delivers chickens, fish, mutton, eggs, spices and much more.

Web & App


Scoreplus is India's most trusted online education platform providing Affordable Online Education for Class 9th-12th.



Moonshot is a destination for entertaining short format videos - where entertainment & ecommerce meet.

Web app


Video platform to connect directly with your audience. Set your schedule, Fix your price, Collect payments & Setup 1:1 Video Calls. No integrations needed.

Web app


LytAds is using technology to modernize Out of home advertising by adding high-resolution smart screens mounted on top of public transport vehicles.



Social sports mobile app building communities for all sports helping find people to play sports.

Web app


An Ed-tech platform revutionarizing tests and enabling teachers to create tests in minutes.

Web app


Perquity is an intelligent aide that tracks your equity investments. It provides you with timely advice to manage your portfolio’s health and achieve your financial dreams.

Our development process


Understanding your wants and needs

First things first! Before heading to suggesting custom UX design solutions, we identify the scope of your project and take our time to understand your product idea and business needs. This includes discussing the potential features, tech solutions and time required to deliver them. Thanks to that, we can give you a general development quotation and schedule.


Competitive analysis and market insights

A great product needs a clear vision along with a customer and market-driven strategy. This is why we dive into the specifics of your industry, analyse the moves of your competitors, learn about the latest trends and your users’ needs. Our UX design services help to identify new opportunities for your business and set up a sound Unique Value Proposition for your product.


Product brainstorming and wireframing

Now it’s time to come up with creative ideas. At the customer-tailored workshops, together we work on user personas and customer journeys, brainstorm possible UX solutions, and wireframe all the essential features.


Creating MVP and further iteration

A clickable prototype clearly shows what your product can do and helps to test ideas with users or entice stakeholders to invest. With every interaction, we quickly validate our assumptions in order to reduce potential risks and to deliver a more valuable set of features that will accomplish your business goals.


Data-driven enhancements of your product

We help post-launch products test and optimise their metrics, redefine business ideas according to proposed UX design solutions and generate new features. Our team reviews the initial assumptions, looks into the data in order to detect missed opportunities, and works out improvements that can deliver quick wins.

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